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Prior Learning in School:

To what can I relate my topic of interest, what have I learned in school?

1) I have studied social behaviour in Humanities

2) I have studied economics in Humanities

3) I have experience with creating a very simple website from a project we did in French.

4) I have experience with using different programs on the computer from what we learned in IT

5) I have experience with how to correctly  research from what we learned in Library.

6) I have experience with analysing information and re-writing them in my own words from subject such as: science, humanities, English.

The goal (product):

The goal of my PP is to create an informational website which will inform the visitors about the

Economical and Social Aspect of weaponry in China ,USA, Russia and Eu. I will use a website

generator which will help me create the website. The website will have to contain enough

information to explain my topic of interest in detail. I will include: graphs, facts, statistics and images

 which will be relevant to my topic of interest.  

Global Context:

'Scientific and technical innovation':
Students will explore the natural world and
its laws; the interaction between people and
the natural world; how humans use their
understanding of scientific principles; the impact of scientific and technological advances on communities and environments; the impact of environments on human activity; how humans adapt environments to their needs.

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Reflection: Meeting with Mrs Spencer Feb 9

Today I met with my supervisor Mrs Spencer, Miss Gaard could not come. Me and Mrs spencer

talked mainly about my product. Mrs spencer said that my product could of been much better if I

would spent more time on it, although she said that considering the time in which it was done it is

 good. Mrs spencer said that the website is done sloppy, I do not agree with this. I do agree that if I'd

 spent more time on it then I could of done it better but I still think that it is better than Mrs spencer

 said. She said that it was done in hurry and it is missing parts. For example she said that I didn't

 include citations for my information that I wrote on the website. I agree that this is a missing part

 that in general should of been included because it is important for the person who visits the website

to know where I got the information from, is it reliable or not. Mrs spencer commented that the home

page must have some kind of introduction and that the images I used on the Home Page and in the

Gallery Page must have a citation. Mrs spencer recommended me to contact MRs Hourston and ask

her if I can edit my product. 

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Text for the Product and Research Analysis:

"world military spending has now reached one trillion dollars, close to Cold War levels." (2014, Anup Shah)

The money spent on weaponry is normally from 20%-30% of the military budget.
Each year from 30-35 billion U.S$ are made on selling weapons.
Traditional  arms traders are loosing money because of the late involvement of non-traditional suppliers into the global arms trade such as: Israel, Ukraine, Sweden and Spain.

The United States of America is the leading global arms trade supplier, earning up to almost 221 billion $ each year.  With the next leading countries such Russia and France. The non-traditional arms suppliers earn up to 5% of the total amount of money earned from sales, up to $30 billion in money. This is a very high percentage compared to an original supplier such as Italy, which proves that the original suppliers are loosing their profit. Although still he USA, UK, France, Russia, and China—dominate the world trade in arms.

What is sold?
These are the categories of the weaponry that is being soled,including vehicles : Tanks and Self-propelled Guns, Artillery, Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and Armored Cars, Major Surface Combatants, Minor Surface Combatants, Submarines, Guided Missile Patrol Boats, Supersonic Combat Aircraft, Subsonic Combat Aircraft,  Other Aircraft, Helicopters, Surface-to-air Missiles, Surface-to-surface Missiles, Anti-ship Missiles.

These are the actual types of weapons and vehicles included into the categories.

1)light, medium, and heavy tanks.
2)self-propelled assault guns.
3)self-propelled artillery
4)field and air defence artillery
5)rocket launchers and recoilless rifles
7)FROG launchers — 100mm and over.
8)recoilless rifles — 100 mm and over
9)  personnel carriers
10)armoured infantry fighting vehicles
11)armoured and amphibious
12)armoured reconnaissance and command vehicles
14)aircraft carriers
15) cruisers
19)motor torpedo boats
20) patrol craft
21)motor gunboats
22) submarines
23) midget submarines
24) all boats
25) all fighter and bomber aircraft
26)fighter and bomber aircraft
27)fixed-wing aircraft,
30)reconnaissance aircraft,
31)communications/utility aircraft.
32)helicopters, including combat and transport.
33) ground-based air defense missiles
34)surface-surface missiles without regard to range, such as Scuds and CSS-2s.
35)all missiles  such as the Harpoon, Silkworm, Styx and Exocet.

How much each of the chosen countries spends on weaponry:

USA leads with the amount of money spent on weaponry. With 640 billion $ spent only in 2013. China and Russia take the lead after USA.  The global total spent on weaponry is 1747 billion $ spent. Which means that there is a very rapid increase in weaponry sales.

-The US military Spending has been increasing, this is due to War on Terror, War in Iraq and the War in Afghanistan.

-Us spends tons of money on Military aid.

4)Where does the earned money then go.

The money that a country earns on arms trade is then kept in the military sphere .

5)How much money is spent on law enforcement.
-Us spends more then 100 billion on police every year. This money funds 714,921 police and other militarised police units such as swat.

-In 2012 the number of police officers was reduced by 20% from 1.3 million to 1.1 million
-  The reduction was caused after the evaluation of all the police officers.
- The ones who failed the evaluation were fired and lost their jobs.
-Any police officers who had any links with the criminal world or any administrative penalties were fired.
- The salaries of the police officers who have past the evaluation were increased by 30% depending on their rank.

Exact numbers unknown.

Exact numbers unknown.

6)How much does it cost to buy a handgun.
Us: $500-$550
Eu: The average is $1100
Russia: $800
China: Unknown.

7)How much does it cost to make a license.
Us: License not needed
China:Around $1000 and up

Eu:$700 and up

8) From where does a country get the money it spends on its army/law enforcement.

Mostly taxes,fines, and money earned from other spheres like agriculture, and etc.

Why the laws for possessing a firearm are different and what are there effect on the society?
Collected data from 26 developed countries has shown that wherever there are more firearms there are more homicides. Data has been collected by Experts from the Harvard School of Public Health.

In America the murder rate is 15 times higher than in any other wealthy country, this is caused by the eased laws on weapon ownership.  The problem is that America has not yet reacted to this problem. The laws for weaponry did not become tougher. "There’s another important difference between this country and the rest of the world. Other nations have suffered similar rampages, but they have reacted quickly to impose new and stricter gun laws." (Unknown. (December 17, 2012). In Other Countries, Laws Are Strict and Work.)

When the laws for possession of a firearm in Australian became tougher and stricter the firearm homicide rate has dropped by 59%  . Which means that the laws have worked. 

In 2008 in Japan only 11 people were killed with guns, while at the same tine in the US where 12,000 were murdered  by firearm. The law rate of shootings in Japan is caused by the strict laws, where it is very hard to get a licence for a gun.

Laws for possessing a firearm:
China: Private ownership is almost restricted, gun ownership is heavily regulated by law. Penalties include capital punishment.

Only law enforcement can use weapons: police, military,paramilitary, and security personnel protecting the states property. The states property includes scientific research institutions, arms industry, storage of resources, financial institutions.  Civilian firearm is restricted including hunting reserves , wildlife protection  research organisation. The only chief exception includes firearm possession  for the purpose of hunting. 

The minimum punishment for sale of firearms can result in a 3 year sentence. 

(Richard J. (2015). Overview of gun laws by nation/wikipedia.)

Citzens who are over 18 years , must not be mentally ill, must not have a criminal record, must not be a user of a controlled substance. Smooth-bore long-barreled firearms , pneumatic weapons up to 25 joules can be purchased. A firearm can be purchased for the purpose of self defense, hunting and sport activities.  Not more than 10 weapons can be possessed unless it is a registered collection.  Ig a weapon shoots in bursts and have a capacity of the cartrige more than 10 bulletes it is prohibited.  In order to possess a firearm first a liscence needs to be issued.  If a person is buying a weapon for the first time he is required to attend five and a half hours of weapon handling classes. A license is issued for five years and than it has to be renewd. 

Citizens are allowed to own a weapon unless they are mentally ill or have a criminal record. In most stated carrying a concealed weapon is not prohibited. Except :New York, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, and Delaware.  Regulations for ammunition, type of weapon, and purchase regulations vary from state to state.

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P.P Essay

Economical and Social Aspect of Weaponry in China, USA, Russia and EU

The topic that I chose is based on my personal interest which dates back all the the way to my childhood. From the very early age I always loved playing with toy weapons, I always shot at targets from air guns and recently I started to shoot at targets from real firearms with my father. Me and my father visit shooting ranges from time to time. Shooting real fire arms has even increased my interest in firearms.  I chose to base my project on the topic Economical and Social Aspect of Weaponry in China, Russia, USA and EU because I am interested in this topic but at the same time it is a challenging topic because it  requires a lot of information analysis, deep thinking and explanation. A lot of sources need to be analysed. I will be taking a closer look at such details as: how laws for possesing firearms effect the shooting statistics in these countries. How the laws differentiate and what are their effects on the society.  How easy is it to buy a weapon in these countries, are the laws for possesing a firearm have something to do with this. For the economical aspect I will be inspecting into how much do these countries earn on exporting weaponry. How much the countries spend on importing weaponry.  Where does the earned money then go. From where do the governments get the money which is  spent on the import of weaponry. How much money is invested into the army and into the law enforcement. How much money does it cost to buy a firearm and make a license.

The global context I chose to focus my project on is Scientific and Technical Innovation. This global context best fits and outlines my personal project because new weaponry is created all the time, the material used to make those weapons , the machines that make the parts for the weapons, the techniques of making the weaponry, the outlook of the weapons are different and new all the time. All of this is Scientific and Technical Innovation. I can even relate this global context to my product outcome which is a website. It is because only recently internet and the ability for any person to create and publish their website has been available.  Internet is also a  scientific and technical innovation.

My goal is to create a website which will contain information describing the  Scientific and Technical Innovation. This is also how my GC helped me shape and narrow down my P.P. The website I will create will have to be information I found from various sources. The website must contain specific data proving and supporting the information presented on the website. This goal is highly challenging for me because I have almost no experience with  making a website. It will be totally new for me. I have some prior learning of this topic from what I have learned in humanities. In humanities I have learned some information about economics and social behaviour, which are both in the title of my project.  It has helped me in the research.

I will focus my research on these questions: Find how much each of the chosen countries earns on selling/making weapons.(China,s, Russia, Eu), Find how much each of the chosen countries spends on weaponry,where does the earned money then go, how much money is spent on the army, how much money is spent on law enforcement, how much does it cost to buy a weapon, how much does it cost to make a license,From where does a country get the money it spends on its army/law enforcement.  These questions address the economical aspect.,What is the shootings rate in the chosen countries,what are the laws for possessing a firearm,How do these laws effect/ or not effect the shooting rate in a country,what effect does the weaponry have on the society in a country,does the society feel safer of more in danger with the weaponry being more available or not available, what are the punishments for  weapon  related crimes in a country. These questions address to the social aspect of my project.

These are the criteria I am going to use to evaluate my product.-My product ( the website) need's to include information about the  social and economical aspects of weaponry in the biggest and the most powerful countries. I need to include only important and relavent information to my topic.
I need to provide enough information in order for the person visiting my web site to understand my personal project topic. The information needs to be clear and understandable, a wide list of vocabulary needs to be included.  What I write on my website needs to be based on the information I find while researching, the information I include needs to be taken from reliable sources.
The websites needs to include a couple of pages with different titles and headings. The website needs to be tidy and in good and understandable format. The website must have a properly written bibliography in harvard style.  

I used my process journal to reflect on my progress throughout the project. I wrote a reflection every time I had an important meeting my supervisor (Miss Gaard and Mrs Spencer). I reflected n what we have talked about and what has to be done/improved on. I have also used the process journal to reflect on the changes I made while the process of the entire P.P. It helped me because I can refer back to it if I can not remember something because I wrote all my changes and steps in it. It is also very useful because I can use it as proof of my work.  My did not organise my time well at all at the start of my project. I left all the work to the second half of the project so I had to rush through all the work very quickly. I could improve  on my elf management skills.

My product outcome has a few pages with a few captions. I used a different background for each of the pages so that the website is not boring. The background is a camouflage. The information is clear and understandable. The website includes a variety of colors. Images of weaponry an vehicles are present, I also added 2 slide shows which present the different weaponry listed in economical Aspect page in the website, I think makes the website better and overall look more complete.  I made the slide shows on the Gallery page. The only missing part is a bibliography and citations. It directly relates to my topic because it is an informative website about my topic, for example a person who is researching Global Arms Trade can visit my website and find clear facts, not opinions.  

What I have found during my research directly relates to my product outcome because after I prossesesed the information which I found I applied it to my product. More specifically I re wrote the information in my own words and placed it on the website. The information which I have found while researching helped me to organise it into correct groups, by this I mean I organised the information into parts which I placed under captions. Research also helped me to organise the website and decide in what style to create it. The main major problem I had is to learn how to create the actual website, I had almost no experience with making a website, I could not at first understand how to make my own backgrounds and how to change the format( place of captions , placing the pictures and etc.). I overcame this problem by viewing different tutorials on You Tube and by trying different website Generators.

My product includes information about the economical and social aspect of weaponry in China, USA, Russia and Eu.  I have created to 4 pages in the website, the last 2 are named Social Aspect and Economical aspect so that it will easy for the visiter of the website to identify where to find the information he or she is looking for.  I wrote all the information about the economical and about the social aspect of weaponry which I found based on the questions in the research plan post , these questions guided me while researching. These questions also helped me to then sort the information under different headings in my product.  In my product I included only important and ralevent to my topic of research information. I found very much information about my topic while researching, I then rewrote it in my own words and chose the most important  and ralevent information from all and only then posted it on the website. I wrote enough information for the person visiting my website to understand the economical and social aspect of weaonry in USA, Russia, China and EU. I wrote  more than 1000 words in the economical aspect page and in the Social aspect page. Refering to the fact that I selected the most important information,  1000 words for each aspect is enough.  The information I wrote in my website is clear and is easy to understand for any age group visiting the website  from teens to adults because I did not include very tough and strong vocabulary. The format of the website and how I organised the information is also very clear and understandable, there are only 4 pages, all the information has a heading which guides the visiter of the website.